How to Use Cratejoy as a Subscription Website Builder?

Are you also intrigued by the wave of subscription boxes that has hit the e-commerce market and think that you have a great business idea for subscription boxes or services? If yes, then this is just the place for you. Here at MSB, we provide all subscription box-related digital and consulting solutions and much more.

Why Do We Need a Subscription Website?

The increasing demand for subscription boxes in the market has also given a tremendous rise to the subscription box business models. Keeping in mind the market trends, inclinations and competition, it becomes critical to launch a high-performance subscription business website, to stage your product to the online shoppers and upsell your boxes and/or its contents to them. It’s safe to say that a subscription website is an online storefront for your business, to attract new clients and grow your subscription base.

So if you’re considering creating your digital presence with an online storefront, the next step worth contemplating would be how to go about it. Various platforms, technology, and softwares are designed for developing subscription websites, Cratejoy being one of the most prominent ones. It helps both small and medium subscription-based businesses in upping their subscription game.

Subscription Ecommerce Business Performance
Subscription Ecommerce Business Performance

How to Create a Subscription Business Website with Cratejoy?

Cratejoy is an extremely user-friendly subscription website builder and a successful subscription-based e-commerce platform, which provides tools for both amateur and experienced coders and designers to set up their own subscription business website. It is distinctively designed for subscription box owners to creatively plan and draft a database to carry out effective business strategies and to attract subscribers in order for the business to thrive. Cratejoy chiefly offers the following two segments:

  1. The Cratejoy Marketplace: It offers a marketplace to list your products and be visible to a user base of over 4 million people, who could potentially turn into your subscribers. It doesn’t require for a subscription business startup to rigorously market itself in the beginning, as this can be a platform to commence the sales on the initial stages. Apart from transaction fees, there are no additional charges to list your products on the cratejoy marketplace, making it an ideal option for startups to commence their sales, with a comparatively low investment.
  1. Cratejoy software to Design and launch your own Website: Its comprehensive subscription box software allows you to create, design, and launch your own brand subscription business website. It provides you the essential tools, a basic set of optimized customizable templates, subscription site designer, built-in subscription payment methods, and various other e-commerce features for you to successfully establish your Subscription Box Website Design, which ultimately helps you in the recognition and branding of your business. Apart from the transaction fee, a monthly charge of $39 applies to the users.

How My Subscription Business Can Help You?

Despite the numerous characteristics offered by Cratejoy, it is still sometimes daunting for one to go through the entire undertaking of website creation. The hassles that come along the way of website development can at times be technical and thereby tricky for a layman to overcome. That’s where My Subscription Business comes to the rescue. MSB, a digital agency that specializes in subscription website designing. MSB is creative, technical, and analytical in its approach to convert audiences into subscribers real quick.

The agency has been operational since 2015 and has created a benchmark ever since by creating successful and award-winning websites. Taking care of your business requirements like that of their own and as the name suggests, they build strong customer relationships by specializing in:

  • Subscription box website designing.
  • Subscription box marketing.
  • Package design and branding.
  • Planning and strategy.
  • Pre-launch subscribers program.
  • Search engine optimization and website audit.
  • Conversion rate optimization.
  • Providing creative consulting ideas.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Content writing.
  • Subscription box advertising.
  • Consultation for subscription-based marketing.
  • Influencer and affiliate marketing.


MSB is therefore an advocate for all your subscription website troubles, helping you walk through every step of your website launching and creating a fully comprehensive and customized online presence. Contact My Subscription Business now.

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