Top 10 Subscription Box Business Ideas You Must Try in 2021

The dramatic rise in the subscription e-commerce industry and its soaring popularity have taken the world by storm. The current worth of this booming industry is over $10 billion, and the increasing rate of business conversions to a subscription business model or the sprouting out of new subscription-based startups are only going to add to this net value.

It’s entirely natural for one to get fascinated by the huge success and endless opportunities of this business model, and to actually consider undertaking it. So if you’re looking out for Subscription Box Business Ideas, that could set you apart from the existing businesses and also create (LTV) lifetime value customers for your business, you’re just at the right place.

10 Subscription Box Business Ideas that Could Set Your Business Apart!

1. Cooking Boxes:

Cooking is love made visible. A subscription box that could provide you a weekly, or monthly supply of surprise nonperishable ingredients along with a set of recipes that come handy, is a great technique to target budding home chefs and people who love all things food.

2. Office Stationery:

The global pandemic has surely imposed a lot of restrictions on the working lifestyle and promoted work from home culture, but the need for office supplies and stationery is still a dire need of all business organizations. With a subscription box idea, that could help corporate businesses to send out stationery boxes that contain all things essential for your office work could be extremely relieving. Apart from the corporate companies, stand-alone businesses, freelance workers, hotels, restaurants and almost every business establishment ends up putting in a lot of time in their office stationery procurement. This business idea got to be a great boon for such customers as well as the business.

3. Gardening Subscription Box:

Who wouldn’t love to have a greener and cleaner environment? With a gardening special subscription box idea, you can not only help the gardening enthusiasts in getting all the gardening essentials in a single box, but you can also benefit the environment by promoting cultivation and planting of trees. Ordering every single tool or fertilizer can be tedious for some, this business idea is going to be a great motivation for people who love to garden but run out of time from their busy schedules.

4. Home Fragrances and Scented Candles:

Nothing makes up for a bad day like coming home to a welcoming aroma or refreshing home fragrance. Surprising your clients every month with an enticing range of home fragrances can really be a great way of adding the element of wow and surprise to their lives. also, who wouldn’t love to get an exclusive collection of the “fall edit” with those pumpkin spice-scented candles or cinnamon and coffee one’s for the ever-favorite Christmas season?

5. Coffee Boxes:

A coffee fanatic like me would be overwhelmed with joy with this subscription box idea. a box full of coffee requirements, different flavors for every month, coffee beans and maybe a custom made coffee mug for all your coffee loving clients can create a lasting and emotional experience for your client base. Existing coffee businesses must in fact give in a thought of launching subscription boxes to complement their running revenues.

6. DIY Kits for Kids:

Kids are a great niche to work with. as they require a constant dose of motivation to enhance their imaginative and creative skills, introducing a DIY kit in their lives would seem extremely exciting to them as well as the parents. Tearing open a box full of surprise elements and the thrill of being able to create something absolutely new with an instruction manual of course can create a beautiful experience for them. It can be a great technique of inculcating values and deep insights into a child’s life. For example, a DIY plantation kit, cupcake decorating kit, DIY craft kit, assembling toy kit, and a lot more depending upon the areas of interest of a particular child.

7. Organic Ingredients Box:

One major lifestyle change that the pandemic has brought along is leading a sustainable and healthy life. People have now become a lot more concerned about what they consume and the quality of ingredients that they use. coming up with an all-organic ingredients subscription box can be a great blessing for your customers in such times. nothing can appeal to the shoppers more than an idea of a healthy lifestyle especially during the current scenario.

8. Healthy Snack Box:

As mentioned above, the need to stay fit and healthy is a major concern for a majority of people currently. Sending over a box of healthy snacks can encourage healthy munching and allow guilt-free snacking. customers would naturally want to subscribe to your box to take care of their snacking needs.

9. Meal Prep Box:

Meal preparation boxes can be a great relief for working families. Prepped veggies or the ingredients required for the meal preparation may be sent to the subscribers on a weekly basis, which can really take off a lot of workload from their backs, saving them the entire procuring and prepping time, and allowing them to directly jump to cooking.

10. Pet Essentials Box:

Pet owners would love the idea of a box that would take care of all their pet’s needs and would save them from those monthly grocery trips. A happy pet is all that a pet owner could ask for. A pet essential box with all pet necessities like food, treats, nibble toys, grooming kit, and cat litter in case of a cat, can be an exciting box to offer, both for the pet as well as the owner.


Subscription boxes that offer an inviting combination of mystery and wonder, can be addictive to customers, provided they are backed with such interesting utility ideas. Once you are sorted with your business objective, MSB (My Subscription Business) can be your ultimate solution to take care of creating your digital presence and making it a successful one. Reach out to us at, and we will get back to you to look after your subscription box website designing, development and marketing agendas.

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