My Subscription Business is a subscription business specialized technology company built with an aim of helping businesses grow their subscribers and pave new avenues of success with innovative and comprehensive IT and Digital solutions. At My Subscription Business, we thrive to give you and your customers the best subscription business experience by building subscription websites, mobile apps, marketing campaigns, integrations, and more that best suit your unique business requirements.

Starting a subscription box business is not as hard as you think and it’s a very fast growing market with loads of advantages.
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A subscription business is a simple process of ensuring recurring business wherein, a vendor charges a particular amount when the customers subscribe to a particular set of products or services on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or similar fixed time-period basis.

We, at My Subscription Business, will do it for you. My Subscription Business specializes in creating a crisp, creative, user-friendly and seamless subscription website that not only entices your customers but, also makes them your loyal subscribers.

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It completely depends on your unique business requirements. However, a basic website subscription website can come up within a week’s time. For any deep integration, customization or migrations, the website or the mobile solution is delivered within a specific and suitable timeline with highest and tested quality.

A basic and comprehensive, search engine and marketing ready subscription business website costs around $2000. However, costing may vary in accordance with the customizations and additions required, and the type of CMS used.

Of course, you can, and that too without any technical knowledge. With a plethora of beautiful custom made themes to choose from at My Subscription Business, you can easily integrate the kind of subscription model that best reflects your brand and products or services.

There is no rocket science! Even the products or services that are not in the daily needs or the necessity category have performed amazingly when linked to a subscription business. It is just about how you build up subscription cycles, product combinations, and captivating subscription boxes. We, at My Subscription Business, work minutely with our clients and keep their intricate details in mind while helping them opt for technology, cycles, packaging and more that will perform greatly for a successful and profitable Subscription Box Business. Curate or create your own – we suggest you everything that yields in future and proves to be a trendsetter.

The target audience or persona is the first research that you should go for – it is like the stepping stone of your business. To ensure you reach the right market it is essential to zero in the demographics and behavior of your potential customers. Which geographies are they in? What is the primary target gender? Who is the decision maker? What is the age set? Is there any seasonal preference? And many such questions. We conduct extensive surveys and perform deep research to help you find the right customers who would absolutely love your products or services combined with the idea of subscription. We believe in being very precise and specific while targeting a customer base for your subscription business, and thereby, help you build high-performing and converting marketing campaigns.

The research that you do is for your prospects, your potential audience – so reaching out is equally important. After understanding the target audience through research and analysis, it becomes easier to understand which channel or medium should be chosen to reach out to them. We, at My Subscription Business, are adept with cutting-edge Digital Marketing technologies and processes like Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and Campaigns, and a lot more.

Choosing your Subscription Business’s website technology is like choosing a school for your kid. After months of research, our technology experts reveal that for a comprehensive and seamless Subscription Business Website that is scalable, secure and beautiful, there are 4 platforms or technologies or CMSs to choose from (mentioned in the order of the preference) – Magento, WordPress, Shopify, and CrateJoy. While each CMS has its own unique features and advantages, Magento and WordPress are more flexible in terms of customization and expandability. However, as everything is built from scratch, it might get a little costly in comparison to a website developed through a CMS which already has some inbuilt modules that make it cost-effective and quick-to-market.

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