Subscription Box Business Plan – How to Write, Best Tips and Tricks

Intrigued by the market trends and the steady revenue model of a Subscription Business Model, are you setting out to start a business plan of your own? The booming growth in this area of the business industry has drawn the attention of a lot of existing and upcoming entrepreneurs. To keep up on the market graph and trends one needs to be aware of the business design behind this model, market research, and the capital required to fund the venture.

In this article, let us know about the best subscription box business plan for a successful subscription box business. This plan includes some prerequisites and essentials that can help in setting up your own Subscription Box Business.

Prerequisites and Essentials of Setting Up Your Own Subscription Box Business

1. Conducting Market Research

This involves thorough market analysis and customer research and knowledge. Understanding the needs of your target audience and customer is the key to a successful business.

Customer habits, spending, purchasing power, packaging trends, and preferences must be taken into account which will further help in establishing a business plan. Market research may also include the following steps:

  • Conducting surveys to understand consumer behavior.
  • Distribution of samples to collect feedback and product reviews.
  • Exploring a specific niche and then creating and expertise in the same.
  • Gathering statistics about the target market.

2. Business Plan

A concrete business plan is the backbone of any business enterprise. Identifying your mission, brand identity, and its unique selling point are the most essential steps, to begin with. After working on these 3 steps, a Subscription Box Business Plan also involves:

  • Executive summarizing.
  • Listing of essential staff.
  • Listing the sources of revenue.
  • Deciding on a launch plan.
  • Researching about the competitive market.
  • Defining the market strategy.
  • Writing out the SWOT analysis.
  • Listing out the finances.
  • Outlining future plans.

3. Secured Financing

Deciding on how to finance your business is extremely important to ensure the longevity of your enterprise. You might want to consider the following options when working on the financial possibilities:

  • Crowdfunding.
  • Personal savings.
  • Business loans.
  • Private investors.
  • Small business loans.
  • Business credit cards.

4. Deciding on a Business name

This aspect is as important as picking up a niche for your business. Your business name becomes your business identity and distinguishes you from your competition. It is essential to have a unique yet relevant name for your business for your audience to find you and your product. It is also required to develop your website which becomes an online portal or platform for your target audience to reach you and subscribe to your box or product.

5. Establishing Your Business as a Legal Entity

For a business to run, one needs to decide its structure. These legal structures include:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • S Corporation
  • Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company

6. Hiring

In order to run a successfully established business, one needs to have adequate staffing. Specific personnel must be allocated to carry out different levels of processes to ensure the efficient and smooth running of the business. This personnel includes:

  • Customer service representative
  • Packagers
  • Social media manager
  • Website manager

The number of staff members required for each Subscription Business Model may vary from one model to the other, depending upon the theme of your business model or the products that your business deal with.

7. Create a Website

Your website becomes the digital storefront of your business. Investing in a good website development company or hiring a professional website designer must surely be considered while taking other finances into account.

8. Create a Social Media Presence

Besides a website, creating a social media profile is almost a necessity in prevalent times. Creating a social media presence can prove to be highly effective for your business as these platforms have high audience traction and engagement rates. Few such platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

9. Finding Vendors and Suppliers

Vendors are essential for a business in order to outsource products. Unless you have your own production unit, you would need to look out for vendors who would supply you with the products that you would further sell to your customers based on a subscription basis.

Facebook groups or target google keyword search can help you find specific vendors related to your niche.

10. Packaging

Besides the products, the packaging of the box also holds great importance. Packaging wholesalers can help you house your products along with your brand name and items that are specific to your brand identity.

11. Logistics

Choosing a reliable shipping partner is extremely significant as this is where the box reaches the customer. Delivering the box at affordable prices, along with a timely and safe delivery cannot be trusted on any and every courier service. Therefore, choosing a reliable and trusted company is foremost important in this business plan.

12. Business Marketing

Once you have decided on your shipment and logistics, and your product is ready to hit the market, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing come into the picture. In fact, the power of subscription box marketing through Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing is such that even before the product is ready to be launched, you can soft-launch your product online and use this platform to create an audience, convert them to your potential customer, and indulge with them.

This is an extremely powerful platform to grow your customer base from the very beginning of your business. Engaging with the customers is of sheer importance as you can directly remain in contact with your client base and understand their needs, feedbacks and also address their complaints.


Once you’re through these steps, you can surely set your foot in the market and give strong competition to your competitors.

In case you’re looking for more assistance, you may get in touch with us at My Subscription Business, where we provide all subscription box business website services and offer a platform for you to showcase your business ideas to the market and audience.

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